4 Ways You Can Create Enticing Content

I remember not knowing anything about the importance of content. I did a lot of guessing. Some things worked. Most things didn’t. Why? It’s because I had no strategy, no direction, and lacked one of the biggest things; consistency. Business owners today have more competition than ever when selling their product or service. And since looking for answers to questions has become increasingly popular for consumers, online marketing has become increasingly common over the last decade. To stay ahead of the competition, businesses need to create enticing content that earns consumers’ trust. There are a few key ingredients in creating the type of content that consumers love and will entice them to seek the business out when they need that business’ product or service. Here are a few of the most important ingredients of successful content.

You Have to Give Answers

One of the most important things that you need to do is give answers to a consumer’s question. People go online to find answers, and you want to be the one giving the best ones. If you have a plumbing business, you want to answer the most common questions that people have. For instance, a consumer might wonder what they should do if they notice water damage in their basement ceiling that’s directly above the bathtub. That consumer might wonder what they should do. Can they fix it themselves? What, potentially, are the causes of the leak? If a business can provide the answer, they’re more likely to receive the business from the consumer.

You Need to Add Images

When people go online, they want an easy-to-understand format that’s visually appealing and fun to read. This means that you should add visuals when appropriate. Visuals not only make the content more enticing, but they also make it easier to understand and more relatable. Visuals will help mark a point or give emphasis, too, and pictures can help garner more interaction. If you’re that plumbing company, showing pictures that help the reader diagnose the problem can help them understand who they need to call.

You Need a Strong Opening Headliner

The headliner is one component of content that helps Google understand what your content is about, so you need it to be optimized. But headliners should draw a potential reader in, too. The title might cause a reader to become genuinely curious about the topic, or it might convince the reader that the article has exactly the answer that they’ve been looking for.

You Need a Video

Whether it’s a video about a new product in your industry or an explanation of a complex topic, videos help businesses in many ways. They help consumers connect with your brand. They’ll also help them connect with you. Videos can give a face to your business, as consumers will see you or your employees. Videos are also a great way to get on YouTube, which is one of the leading sites that people look to for answers because many people are visual learners, or they want to see a product rather than simply hear about it.

In many industries, businesses have a lot of competition. To optimize your website, you need to have content that people want to consume so that they come back to you again and again for answers to their questions.

 Being able to apply these four methods will be the difference between you blending in or unlocking your Creative Genius Factor to stand out in a crowded marketplace. 


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