7 Secrets to Collaborating on Clubhouse

‘What is Clubhouse?’
‘How does Clubhouse work?’
‘OMG, are you on Clubhouse yet?’
‘How do I collaborate on Clubhouse?’
These are some of the most asked questions I stumble upon on the internet every single day. Well, Clubhouse came with a bang!
Ever since the app was launched, digital marketing and virtual interactions have been taken to the next level.
Personally, I can attest to the wonders Clubhouse has already done for me and some of my clients. If you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, digital marketer, or anyone looking to expand your territory in the online world, it is time to sign up at Clubhouse.
Before I share the 7 secrets to collaborating on Clubhouse, let’s understand what exactly the app is and how it works.

What is Clubhouse?

If you’ve been active on social media, you’ve probably heard about Clubhouse in the past few weeks. Well, Clubhouse is an exclusive app that allows users to chat, exchange ideas, and collaborate in real-time using an audio-only format.

Unlike other social media apps where people often communicate using photos, captions, and videos, here information is shared via audio. It gives users the ability to connect with people outside their profession or niche while focusing on high-value conversations.

Currently, Clubhouse is only available for iPhone users. But hopefully, with time, it will be available even for Android. The app is highly exclusive. Therefore you may not be able to get your entire network or community on it. But, you can still find a way to get information to your network. For instance, I offer daily updates and notes on the valuable conversations I have on the app to my members.

How Can I Join Clubhouse?

You can join Clubhouse in two ways;

1. Through Personal Invitation
When a person joins Clubhouse, they are given one invitation they can send to someone via phone number. But, after navigating the platform for a while, you can earn more invites.

2. Exclusive Side Door
In this second method, you’ll have to visit the Clubhouse website and download the app from AppStore. Once you install the app, you’ll be able to reserve your name. Your friends on the app will get a notification informing them that you’ve downloaded the app and reserved your name.

This will give them an option to wave you through regardless of whether or not they have an official invite.

Therefore, your chances of getting into Clubhouse are pre-determined mainly by the number of people you know on the app.

7 Secrets To Collaborate On Clubhouse

One thing I love about Clubhouse is quality conversations. I’ve had the opportunity to create some great collaborations in the last few weeks that have taught me a lot.
Clubhouse is great for making connections with amazing people. It’s easy to want to ask someone to collaborate as well as be asked to collaborate. Here are 7 secrets I use to collaborate on the app;

1 .How To Request A Collaboration
Clubhouse is majorly for entrepreneurs and serious individuals looking to network and form meaningful connections. Hence, when you ask someone to collaborate, COME CORRECT. Get direct to the point.

Make sure you are reaching out, building rapport, and you take the time to listen in on a couple of rooms that a person is in before you reach out.
Send a voice note through the DM (or use their preferred method) to make the connection and have an idea of what you want to collaborate about.

Come up with a plan to market the collaboration beforehand and have testimonials ready to show them what experience others have had working with you.

2. How To Handle Requests
When someone asks you to collaborate, SLOW DOWN before saying yes, and have a process in place. In other words, conduct a thorough background check. The last thing you want is to say yes to a collaboration that isn’t in line with your business or brand.

Your process should include checking the person out and seeing what topics they speak about.

Check out their website and social media to make sure that their messaging aligns with your messaging and that they have taken the time to position themselves in their space.

Listen in on a couple of rooms that they speak in or watch videos from their social media pages so that you can hear how they sound speaking about their area of expertise.

Don’t blindly rush into a collaboration. Have a form in place to review and collect the data that you need to know to make an informed decision.

3. Check The Energy Of The Exchange
Consistency is key. It’s essential to maintain your vibe in everything you do.

Check the energy of the interaction between you and the person that wants to collaborate with you. Are they making it easy, and does it feel useful in your gut? Or are they making it challenging, and does it make you feel uneasy? Does it match with your vibe? Is the energy being reciprocated?

I believe it’s often the little things we overlook that significantly impact the general outcome. If you aren’t sure or you’re having any doubts, back out. There will always be a next time.

4. Get Someone Who Compliments You
The goal of Clubhouse is to impact your audience. Your goal should be to add value to your rooms.

Therefore, don’t look for people who have similar strengths and weaknesses as you. Choose to work with people who are a compliment in areas that you may not be knowledgeable in so that you can provoke great conversation in your areas of strength and add maximum value to the room.

5. Get A Game Plan
Have a solid plan. Come up with a game plan before the collaboration to align with the flow of how things will run, how long they will run, and who will handle each part of the experience.
This will help to avoid confusion or talking over each other in the room.

6. It’s About The Experience
Focus on creating an excellent experience for the audience.
They are an essential key to what you are doing.
Clubhouse is a place to add maximum value while sharing your expertise with the audience to cause immediate transformation.

7. Be A Team Player
This is a collaboration. It’s not a competition. Don’t try to outshine the person you are collaborating with. Ask for their input. Let people know how great they are and give them their flowers on the stage to create a positive energy flow and show love and respect while the audience listens.

Collaborate on Clubhouse And Improve Your Connections

Clubhouse is proving to be highly influential and a way to add value and knowledge to your audience. Collaborations are essential in adding value to your rooms. The secret to having a good collaboration on Clubhouse is to know how to send a request, collaborate with someone who compliments you, get a game plan, focus on creating the experience and finally be a team player.

If you haven’t joined the platform, you’re missing out on great opportunities. Download the app today, and get the opportunity to mingle with like-minded individuals.

Good luck in your Clubhouse collaborations!

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