7 Ways to Use Clubhouse to Grow Your Business

Clubhouse is the new app in town. I can admit that the hype surrounding the app is worth it. After using it for just a few weeks, entrepreneurs, digital marketers, influencers, speakers, coaches you name it…have seen outcomes they didn’t think were possible.

For example, I’ve collaborated with some of the biggest names in the digital industry. Clubhouse can have a tremendous impact on your networks, connections, and business in general.
But, before we look at the 7 ways to use Clubhouse to grow your business, let’s understand how the app works.

How Does Clubhouse Work?

Clubhouse is an exclusive audio-only app which allows users to move around virtual rooms and listen actively or discuss various topics. Think of it as a never-ending virtual convention where you can walk from one room to another. Currently, the app operates on an invite-only basis, and it is available for iPhone users.

You can join Clubhouse through;

  • A personal invitation from a person already using Clubhouse.
  • Exclusive side-door which requires you to visit Clubhouse website, download the app from AppStore, and reserve your name as you await an invitation.

Like any other social media platform, Clubhouse requires you to set up a profile and add a bio. Your profile should strictly define who you are and what you do. Also, ensure you add a nice profile picture. This photo will be used throughout the entire app. Therefore a clear image will work to your advantage.

The app allows you only to add your Twitter and Instagram profile. However, you are free to post additional links on your bio.

Here are some main features you should know about the Clubhouse app;

1. Clubhouse Hallway

Instead of having a feed, Clubhouse has a hallway. This is where active chat rooms are displayed. If you followed any scheduled rooms or joined any clubs, they will be listed at the top of the hallway.

2. Clubhouse Rooms

Clubhouse rooms are where all the conversations and discussions are held. When you’re in the hallway, you can scroll down the different rooms, pop in, look at the title of the room, the people currently in the conversation, and opt to join or not.

You can also create your private room and invite one or two connections to have a private chat.

3. Listener, Moderator, and Speaker

In the rooms, there is a listener, moderator, and speaker. When you join a room for the first time, you’re a listener. Anyone can become a speaker. Once you get caught up in the conversation, you can tap on any speaker and share your insight on the topic by clicking on the microphone.

A moderator ensures discussions run smoothly. Some of their tasks include inviting people to speak, promoting a regular speaker to a moderator, turning on/off the audience’s ability to raise their hands, mute speakers, send speakers back to the audience etc.

One phrase you’ll commonly hear in the rooms is PTR. This stands for Pull to refresh. When the moderator says PTR, pull down your screen to see people who have left or joined the room recently and so on.

4. Clubhouse Clubs

These clubs are communities within the Clubhouse. A club can either be private or public. It has a founder, an admin, members, and followers. To become a founder of a club, the platform requires you to host one recurrent conversation.

5. Clubhouse Stages

The stage is the area in the room where the room owner, moderator, and speakers are. The best part about the Clubhouse is, you can see people who have interacted with the speaker under the ‘followed by the speaker’ icon and maybe open up your connections.

7 Ways to Use Clubhouse to Grow Your Business

Now, let’s take a look at how you can use Clubhouse to grow your business.
PS: I have used some of these techniques myself, and they have proven to work

#1 Listen

When you join a room, don’t just be a listener, be a KEEN listener. Don’t be in a rush to contribute to the topic being discussed. Instead, take your time to listen to the speakers, analyze the questions asked, and take note of the responses given.

Your target audience is in rooms asking questions, and you should be writing them down so you can create content, tools, rooms, and classes around the pain points they are asking about the most.

#2 Value First

Clubhouse is an app that is ALL about community. People are seeking good conversations that educate, ignite ideas, inspire, and entertain.

Some people are also looking for experts to help them solve their biggest problems.

Come to the stage to be of service to others instead of just looking for an opportunity to promote yourself.

When you are truly helping to educate, solve problems, and add value; people will line up to work with you. (Ask me how; I know)

#3 Don’t Fake It

Rule number 1 I subscribe to while using Clubhouse is, don’t be a know-it-all. You’re not in competition to seem smarter or more knowledgeable than others.

Therefore, acknowledge and add value in the areas that you are indeed an expert in. Don’t try to fake it by giving out information that you don’t know. Not only does it hurt the people that don’t know the difference, but it also kills your credibility.

Remember, it’s okay not to know everything.

#4 Have a Call to Action

Find a way to continue the conversation by giving a call to action for people to follow.

Whether it’s hopping in your DM on Instagram or Twitter account or creating a valuable free resource that you can give people in exchange for their information (email or text).
The best tools are the ones that compliment what you educated people on while you were on stage speaking.

Etiquette tip: ASK for permission to share your resource with the audience if it is not your room.

#5 Put Your Best Foot Forward With Your Bio

Your bio is the way you introduce yourself before you speak. Make sure it stands out with:

  • A few sentences of your compelling story and why you do what you do.
  • Your intent for being on Clubhouse.
  • How you help people.
  • Topics you like to talk about.
  • How you are open to connecting with people.
  • Connect your social media.

Also, use keywords in your bio to increase your visibility and rank highly among members’ searches.

#6 Collaborate

Collaboration truly is King on Clubhouse.

You can find people you want to connect with by listening into the rooms and gravitating toward the people you resonate with.

Reach out to them and come correct!

Let them know your idea for collaboration and make it easy for them to partner with you on adding value to a room.

Collaboration is also an excellent way to form connections and learn something new. Always collaborate with someone who compliments your area of expertise.

#7 Enjoy The Experience

Above everything, have fun and enjoy the experience!

As I mentioned earlier, Clubhouse is like a virtual convention. Therefore, have fun visiting one room after another.

Don’t be in a rush to seem knowledgeable or an expert. After all, it’s new for everyone, and there is a learning curve, but if we all continue to help one another, we can ensure that Clubhouse is a place to come together and do great things.

Use Clubhouse to Grow Your Business Today

Clubhouse is the new application in town. It being new means there is a lot to be learned. Before jumping in the Clubhouse train, start by understanding how the app truly works. You can download the app and see the stages, hallway, rooms, and clubs for yourself.

After you’ve grasped the app’s basic functioning, go ahead and start using it to grow your venture. Remember, the key is to be patient, listen keenly and attentively, collaborate, be real, focus on adding value, and most importantly have fun!

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