Do’s and Don’ts of Clubhouse

It’s no doubt that Clubhouse has taken over as the new audio-based social media app.

Which means you can literally add value and share your expertise all day long, in your pajamas from the comfort of your own home.

However, it also means that you are making a first impression in front of everyone; from people next door to the CEO of your favorite Fortune 500 company.

First impressions determine whether you’ll land your next million-dollar partnership, meet the next investor who will turn your business around, or miss out on what could be your business or career breakthrough.

The secret to building your authority and forming meaningful connections on Clubhouse is noting the dos and don’ts.

But before we get into that, let’s start by talking about the benefits of joining Clubhouse.

Why Should You Join Clubhouse?

#True story alert…

One of my insiders was blessed with a brand new iPad so that they can experience Clubhouse to the fullest.

She was in a group, and strangers were bragging about a room. Casually, she stated that she needs to hurry and get an iPad to enjoy the app. And just like that, a sister swooped in and offered to buy her one.

This is one of the many testimonies and great things happening on the app.

Quite frankly, Clubhouse might be the next biggest social media platform.

If you haven’t joined Clubhouse, here are a few reasons why you download the app today;

  • It is filled with valuable spoken content. Clubhouse is an audio-only app filled with meaningful conversations and discussions. This makes it a lot similar to podcasts. Through the app, you can tune in and join valuable conversations on different topics on business, entrepreneurship, careers, and life in general.
  • You get to mingle with well-connected individuals. Clubhouse opens a world of endless connections. You are free to network and connect with numerous individuals. That’s why it is important to join the app with an open mind. Don’t connect with people you interact with daily. Instead, use the platform to interact with great individuals whom it would have been impossible to meet in the outside world.
  • You’re able to gain knowledge worth thousands of dollars just by logging into the app. Clubhouse is like an online conference. There are numerous rooms with different speakers discussing various topics. If you had to attend these seminars, conferences, or masterclasses in real life, you’d probably spend thousands of dollars. Honestly speaking, the knowledge I’ve been able to get and impact others since I joined Clubhouse is tremendous!

The Do’s and Don’ts of Clubhouse

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts when engaging on the Clubhouse platform that can help you bring your “A” game every single time.

DO Read The Room

Clubhouse rooms are where you get all of the goodies from your favorite people or people you have yet to meet.


Identify the rooms that will allow you to give or receive the most value and the best rooms to invest your time.

As a listener –


take notes and really listen to absorb the information instead of only listening to respond. Come up with informative, thought-provoking questions that will help everyone think about the topic and expand the conversation.


get up on the stage to speak and be long-winded or immediately try to plug your product or service. Be direct with your question starting with “My question is..


ask for permission to share any resources with the audience if it isn’t your room.


forget to have a way to introduce yourself with a stand-out introduction in under 20 seconds.


Follow the speakers when you are brought to the stage out of respect for their time to add value with their knowledge and expertise.

As a moderator –


– Have bullet points on what you want to speak about, so your thoughts are succinct.


forget to respond to people who reach out to you after your room is over. Provide the best way to stay in contact and follow up.


have the heart to serve the audience and provide maximum value. The more you give, the more your room stands out, and people will always want to hear from you.


be afraid to share your story and be vulnerable. People connect with people, and you will permit others to share their stories as well.


set the tone for the room, so people understand your room’s flow and what to expect from the conversation.

DON’T Be “That person”


be that person who overpowers the conversation when collaborating with someone else.


be that person who doesn’t show love to co-moderators and people who come up on the stage. It may be their first time, and you want to help boost their confidence to do it again.


be that person who hops in every moderator’s DM and says “Let’s connect” without having a clear reason or idea to further the connection.

DO Check Your Heart

Ask yourself why you want to be in the Clubhouse.

Ask yourself why you are adding value.

Ask yourself if you are giving from a genuine place or because you want something.

Focus on having meaningful conversations and making genuine connections.

DON’T Forget To Venture Outside Of Your Network

Don’t go on Clubhouse and connect with all of the same people that you are connected with on all of your other platforms.

Find new clubs and communities of interest to you to expose yourself to new topics to learn or meet new people.

Master The Do’s and Don’ts To Expand Your Network on Clubhouse

At this point, we’ve established that Clubhouse isn’t just another social media application. It is a platform used by entrepreneurs, business owners, and anyone looking to grow and form meaningful connections.

Therefore, it is essential to tread carefully on Clubhouse. Mastering the do’s and don’ts will help you know what to do as a moderator and a listener. It will also guide you in approaching people on the app, expanding your community, adding value to your business or career, collaborating with fellow members, and holding meaningful conversations.

Join Clubhouse today and start making million-dollar connections.

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