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Creative Thought Solutions is a highly sought after Business Growth Coaching & Implementation Agency. Established in 2014 by TerDawn DeBoe, the company has grown from a one woman show to a team of ten people that specializes in helping industry experts, purpose-driven service providers, and small business owners (who are at or on track to reach six figures) connect digital marketing to thought leadership so that they can explode their brand, business, and bank account to quickly scale their business beyond the infamous six figure mark.

We don’t just do coaching, branding, or marketing. We believe that every business should be in alignment with their divine purpose because true success starts within. After alignment, we teach what it takes to make real P.R.O.F.I.T. using our proven, transformational formula so that you can create the freedom to live life on your own terms while building a business that fans the flame of your soul and fulfills your life’s calling.

Our clients have been able to shatter their income ceilings while working less and making more revenue consistently which has enabled them to be able to build a solid team, make bigger impact, while crossing things off their vision board one by one.

If you are wondering what you need to do to experience the next level of your business evolution, you are in the right place. On this page, you’ll find the answer to the question:
Am I ready to work with TerDawn and her team?

What we’ve noticed over the years after working with and teaching thousands of Entrepreneurs is that most people work too hard to get to the six figure mark and burn out because the “hustle and grind” method isn’t a sustainable way to build a real scalable business that allows them to generate wealth predictably, consistently, and effortlessly in a systematic way.

In case you’re wondering who we work with, in general, our ideal clients are at or on target for a six figure business – they just aren’t making as much as they know deep down that they could. They innerstand that they can make more income and impact and they desire to fast track their results by working with our team through our proven business building process. They are highly motivated, passionate business leaders who know their passion, and they are very good at what they do. They are in alignment with their highest calling and know that if they had the right strategy and support, their business would dramatically change for the best. Our clients are not afraid to say that they want to be paid for what they do and want to be paid well, while changing lives in a positive and inspiring way. They refuse to live a life of being booked, busy, and broke and they are determined to create a new story. Divine purpose and money can work together – you can have both. If you are just starting a business for the first time and have yet to prove a concept, we are not the right Agency for you.

Here’s how we help our clients:


We help them shift their mindset so that they can boldy align with their true abundance spiritually, mentally, and financially.


We help them position themselves to be the authority of their niche by identifying their perfectly aligned client, crafting their money making messaging, and creating their million dollar method.


We help them with understanding how to create achievable revenue goals with intention so that they can understand what it will take to meet and exceed their goals.


We help them with creating their transformative offers that will resonate deeply with their audience and make it a no brainer to say, “YES!”


We help them with creating their funnel formula that will attract and nurture new prospects every single day on autopilot while using proven sales strategies to convert them into clients.


We help them with infiltrating the marketplace with their offer so that they are in front of the right audience with the right message and the right time allowing them to have an omnipresence on their best online platforms.


We help them understand the data and how to use it to make sound business decisions based on metrics and not emotion so that they can optimize their marketing efforts and scale their growth.


We also help create the processes and systems needed to seamlessly deliver what was promised to the client.

You may be a perfectly aligned business coaching or Agency client if:

  • You are beyond the start up phase – you are at or on target for six figures
  • You are overworked, overwhelmed, and hustling too hard for the money you are making
  • You are struggling to know the next step because you’ve never been there, but you know that the right support will illuminate your Entrepreneurial path and get you to the next level
  • You have been doing the work and are in divine alignment with your purpose, but want to stop playing small so that you can make bigger impact or have the revenue to support it
  • You are ready to raise your prices, but know that you have to reposition yourself to attract a new audience that will see you as the solution to their biggest problems and have no problem investing in themselves through you.
  • You are sick of relying on word of mouth, referrals, and cold outreach, but you need an automated sales machine that is working for you 24/7 to bring in clients every day
    You are ready to go from working in your business to working on your business
  • You are ready, willing and able to make an investment in growing your business

How do you differ from other coaches and agencies?

Honestly, we are different from other coaches in many ways. We help people align their divine purpose to a business strategy that positions them to profit. That in and of itself is different. We are one of the few companies that not only coach you to success, but also have a team that can implement everything that we create together during the coaching process. We understand that a lot goes into creating a wildy successful and highly profitable business and let’s be real, you can’t wear all the hats. You shouldn’t have to. We have mastered the technology, design, visual production and funnel development to efficiently carry out the full plan so that you feel 100% supported while navigating this new territory. We also have a team of coaches to help with mindset, strategy, business growth, scaling, branding, marketing, financial literacy and wealth education. Since our coaching team and our agency team are highly skilled, we are able to hold our clients accountable, help push through any blocks, and focus on getting results as quickly as possible.

Our primary focus for clients is helping them to position their Creative Genius Factor for profit so that they can enjoy the life they desire. Our coaching style and practice is focused on a unique blend of coaching, mentoring, and unparalleled support. Our goal is to provide you with skills, strategies and solutions for your marketing and brand so that you create a life that feels good on the inside and looks good on the outside. We are clear that as you eliminate fears, beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors you open yourself up to live your best life, allowing you to show up in the world in a much bigger way.

Why do I have to apply to work with you if I’m ready to invest now?

Great question! Truthfully, just because you can afford to invest in our program, doesn’t mean that we should be working together. The reason we chat first is to make sure that we are the right fit and that I can help you achieve your goal. If not, I will tell you. Please know that I’m in business to make a difference and impact lives not just make quick money. Those who I chose to work with, I partner with them and their success is my success. It must be perfectly aligned for us to move forward so that I know that we are able to provide the highest level of transformation and you are fully committed to do what it takes to get to the next level of your life and business. While I can never guarantee that you’ll do your part, I can guarantee that I am going to do mine and give you all that you need while we work together. If I don’t think I can be that for you, I would much rather introduce you to someone else that I feel will be a better fit for you.

Will I recover the investment that I make to work with you in your programs?

Without a doubt, yes! By investing the Creative Thought Solutions Coaching & Implementation Programs, you are not only investing in clarifying your passion, purpose and profits but also marketing, mindset and money-making strategy. Since you are choosing to invest, you are putting yourself in the best position to have more clients, systems, income, clarity, impact and success in your life. My team and I work very closely with you to help you to recoup your investment in the first 90 days of our work. Most clients receive a return on their investment by three to five times in this 90-day period if they take deliberate action with our guidance.

Many of my clients have recovered their investment by just attracting two to three paying clients, creating their new premium offers, hosting their webinar or taking other strategic action in a matter of days. I want you to determine what is a new client worth to you? AND what would it be worth to learn how to make more money in a month that you ever thought possible? With systems, strategies and solutions it is possible. I show you how and if you commit to implementing what you learn, you will see results. Working with my team and I will help you achieve a series of breakthroughs that will undeniably improve your life and produce growth faster than you’ve ever thought possible. You will receive the resources and the step by step instruction to make it happen and if you choose, we will help you put all of the pieces in the right place. Here’s what you are investing in – results, revenue, more clients, personal growth and development and systems that work.


We are so honored that you've chosen us to help you grow and scale your business beyond your biggest dreams. I admire your courage to get out of your own way and onto your next level.

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