Positioning Your Business

for Profit and Freedom
starts with a Stand-Out
Brand That Makes
Your Expertise
Center Stage
We believe branding goes deeper than what you see. Your brand is not just the logo, graphics or website.
Does your website effortlessly convert visitors into high-paying clients who trust your expertise? We’re talking about the clients who hire you, not just book a call for “information.”
Can your audience really connect with your message and understand why they need you as a solution? They don’t just want your product or service but desire it to achieve their #1 desire.
Is your brand creating profit for your business by positioning you as an expert in your field? Does it align with your mission and your clients, while letting people know you are a pain pill to their pain point?
At Creative Thought Solutions, we create profitable brands that help entrepreneurs like you stand out online and offline as the experts you are!

What Our Clients are Saying.....

The Creative Thought Solution has helped our organiza- tion re-brand through logo creation, an interactive website, digital imaging and helped us streamline our process development.

Veranda Rodgers

My new website is already getting me more leads! People are immediately filling out my contact form!

Brittney Oddo

Now that the project is complete, I have seen more traffic coming to my website as well as booking more clients, customer engagement and an increase in my social media following. If you are in need of branding, marketing, web development and more, look no further!

Ahshia Cavin

We build an unshakeable foundation and strategy to create profitable brands for our clients through impactful messaging and eye-catching visual elements. Our focus is Brand Positioning that sets you apart as the authority figure. Here’s how:

Brand messaging

Your messaging is just as important as the look of your brand. We will help you establish a message that speaks to your ideal clients’ biggest desires so they come to you ready to buy.

Identifying your Creative Genius Factor ™

You are the solution for your clients and it’s time for your brand to reflect that! We work to identify exactly what makes you stand out as the leader in your industry so you can effortlessly charge premium prices for your products and services.

Brand Persona

To attract high-paying clients, you must understand who they are, what they need and how you can help them. We develop a brand persona that captures exactly who needs you and we shape your brand to engage them.

Visual Brand Development

We build a visual brand that elevates you to the #1 choice in your industry.

This includes:


An eye-catching representation of your company that aligns with your brand and message.

Brand Board

An alignment of the look, mood and tone of your brand.

Social Media Templates

Create a cohesive experience online that catches attention.

Product Mock-ups

Your products will come to life with a transformative design that makes your clients want to buy.

Website Design & Development

We turn visitors into buyers with a memorable design.

Want to see for yourself?

Check out our portfolio page.

How Does This Work?

Our 9 Step Process helps to ensure that we develop a brand that you absolutely LOVE!

Onboarding and Welcome

Hooray! You’re here! Our admin team is going to get you set up and ready to get started!

Deep Dive Questionnaire

We want to get to know you so that we can build a brand that aligns with your business, goals and values.

Let’s talk

Hop on a team call so we can connect to the soul of your brand. Together, we will paint the picture.

Creative Genius Factor ™

Let’s create your signature method and use that edge to position you as the leader you are!

Brand Thumbprint

This is the fun part where we bring the vision to life through creative visual elements including logos, brand boards, social media graphics and product mock-ups.

Photoshoot / Video shoot

It’s time to truly connect to your audience through quality media assets with you and your expertise as the star!

Website Design

Now that we’ve established your brand, it’s time to develop your website, write your copy and make sure it’s set up to attract traffic and compel them to take action!


This step is all about marketing collateral that will show up as a consistent representation of you everywhere your audience is online.

Website Design

Now that we’ve established your brand, it’s time to develop your website, write your copy and make sure it’s set up to attract traffic and compel them to take action!


This is it! The moment you’ve been waiting for! Time to show up and stand out with a captivating brand designed to position you as a leader!

To build a powerful, revolutionary, legendary brand, Brand Mastery is a must!

If you’re reading this, you’re someone who wants to effortlessly attract high paying clients, be positioned as the #1 choice in your industry and charge premium prices for your products and services.
And, that’s exactly what we DO every day for the clients we serve!
Let’s make it happen for you!
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