How to Bring in Consistent Qualified High Ticket Leads without Working 60 Hour Weeks and Doubling Your Workload

It’s Time to Create a Business You Love that Brings in the Cash You Desire. My mission is to help more entrepreneurs create impactful and profitable businesses that allow more freedom.

It’s Time to Create a Business You Love that Brings in the Cash You Desire. My mission is to help more entrepreneurs create impactful and profitable businesses that allow more freedom.

Do you feel completely overworked and pulled in 100 directions between your client projects, marketing your own business and juggling your family?

Do you have a passion for your business that makes your heart sing, but you’re still finding yourself procrastinating, unmotivated and overall burned out?

Are you having a hard time accomplishing your goals while watching other entrepreneurs?

At the same time, you’re seeing other entrepreneurs who are traveling the world, bringing in revenue you’ve dreamed about and spending way less time tied to a computer screen.

You are more than ready to start enjoying the fruits of your labor. But, since you’re constantly in hustle mode

As an entrepreneur, you’re a dreamer who craves that freedom lifestyle. You want the freedom to spend more time with your family and less time working.
You want the freedom to travel, invest and live without lack of money.
You will stop at nothing to get that freedom. But in spite of your hard work, you haven’t been able to figure out how to:
  • Generate more revenue in your business without putting in countless hours of your time that you don’t have
  • Build the kind of real, sustainable wealth that gives you true peace of mind for your business, family and goals
  • Automate the sales in your business so you can spend less time “in the trenches” worrying about where the money will come from… and more time enjoying life
  • Get out of the constant overwhelming launch cycle, and finally have an EASIER and more SEAMLESS way of making money

While you’re busy trying to put the pieces together, there’s another “guru” insisting they can show you how to make more money by hustling harder or launching constantly. But ultimately, they are prescribing you do MORE work. And that’s just a recipe for burnout.

That’s why I’ve created the Do it For You Funnel Program for entrepreneurs who want to grow their business along with their freedom. Those who are passionate about what they do and who they serve.

We’ve worked behind the scenes of some of the most influential 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs in our industry, creating sales funnels using our signature method. The P.R.O.F.I.T. method has helped my clients earn more money while working less!

*Conscious Consulting hadn’t achieved a 7k month yet. Using our signature method, they made $7k in 7 Days!

*According to Brittney was struggling to meet income goals. After working with us, she’s doubled her monthly income and hit her highest earning month yet!

*Premier Virtual Assistance closed $8700 7 days with ease by using our method.

We believe that everyone should have alignment, profit, and freedom.

When you have more, you do more. More investing, more traveling, more time spent with family and friends.

But without systems working to bring more clients in your business, achieving more profit and freedom will take you a lot more time.

Today I’m giving you everything you need to start attracting aligned, higher-paying clients, so you can scale and experience the freedom you deserve.
With the Done For You Sales Funnel. Our team will build a powerful sales funnel including:

Signature Offer Creation

Your funnel is all about getting traffic to your offer! We are going to work with you to create an irresistible signature offer. From packaging it up with a detailed description to writing copy to help people take action.

Funnel Building

You won’t be spending your time designing a funnel from scratch, writing the copy and setting up the automation. Instead, we will set up and connect all of your software so that it works like a machine for you 24/7. You just flip a switch!

Create Sales Copy for Emails, Landing Pages, and Sales Pages

If writing isn’t your strong suit, don’t worry! Our award-winning team will create the copy for your training slides, opt-in page, sales page, and email automation sequences. You can spend less time writing and more time making money in your business

Driving Traffic

Facebook Ads are a powerful tool, as long as you know how to set them up effectively. Our team will integrate your Facebook ads pixel for retargeting ad campaigns and driving traffic. You will also learn how to create organic traffic with an effective content strategy.

Closing Sales

Getting more leads is great! But, what about when you’re on the phone with a potential client? We want to make sure you’re closing sales with your new funnel. This is why we’re providing sales scripts that have helped our clients convert 80-90% of their sales calls.

Outsource and Team Building

Your funnel is designed to bring more clients to your business which means you may need to bring in more staff to accommodate your growing business! We will teach you the exact steps on how to properly outsource and build a dedicated team. Plus, our job post templates will help you create the perfect job listings!

Coaching and Support

This isn’t just a funnel build and go program. We believe in keeping you accountable and supporting you through your funnel process. We will have weekly coaching and mentoring calls, so you will get the coaching you need to complete the program and see results. We will also help you with credit repair and building, so you can properly invest in your ad campaign.

Before your VIP Day even happens, we’ll get started with helping you make some quick money by designing a campaign to make you AS MUCH MONEY AS POSSIBLE AS FAST AS POSSIBLE! This is one of the signature processes we have become very well known for – because it WORKS… FAST!
My name is TerDawn Deboe and I’m the founder of Creative Thought Solutions. I’m on a mission to help coaches, consultants, service- based businesses and agencies build a business that aligns with their purpose, their values, AND brings in consistent revenue month after month.
This is not for you if:
You have no value and just want to make a quick buck
Businesses that are multi-level marketing or have little to no value will not benefit from this program. We’re not here to just make cash, but to build a sustainable business long term.
You don’t like to put in the effort to succeed and like to blame others, make excuses or complain
We work with entrepreneurs who are ready to put in the effort to reach the next level. Many of our clients have families, jobs and other responsibilities, but still show up and create a profitable funnel.
You’re a skeptic
We’ve built a strong reputation and have helped countless entrepreneurs build funnels. We’ve created this method after applying it successfully. If you’re skeptical of if this will help you, it probably won’t.
But, since you’re still here, so this probably isn’t you at all. You trust professionals like those at Creative Thought Solutions, you have value, and you’re ready to put in the work to reap the huge rewards!
We’re so ready to help you do that through the
Done For You Sales Funnel.

What makes this program different?

This program is different because we strive to help you with each part of the funnel. Not just the system, but closing sales, driving traffic and team building. We also strive to support you with weekly coaching calls to allow you to answer questions and get feedback.

What makes you qualified?

TerDawn Deboe created the Creative Thought Solutions digital agency in 2016. Since its creation, we’ve worked with AT&T, The Urban League of Greater Cleveland, Caesar’s Casino, and 100’s of other businesses all across the country.

What if I have more questions?

If you have more questions, feel free to send over an email and we will get right back to you!

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